who we are

We are Akoden GmbH, based in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland, we are a globally distributed company dedicated to the creation of original solutions. We uphold our Swiss values of honesty, quality and punctuality and reflect this in the way our business is conducted, which is why clients from around the world sound us out for our professional services.

Our strong, talented team of experts offer solutions for a wide range of technologies. We have done everything from the creation of Content Management System (CMS) websites to custom development projects in PHP, Python or Java, using hi-tech tools and solutions, while making use of a global network of creative IT professionals.

We endeavour to be ruthlessly transparent. Clients need to know what‘s going on, and so we focus on maintaining excellent communication throughout every engagement. We use industry-leading collaboration tools, involving you every step of the way.

Interested? Do you want us to get involved in your next project or big idea? Then get in touch today.

what we do

Akoden is a technology firm that is capable of providing a wide range of professional solutions. We focus on web design, web applications and enterprise software development. We are constantly seeking new and effective ways to deliver cost-effective solutions of the highest possible quality.

Our specialists have created high-impact websites and applications for many industries and niches, including finance, health, social networking, fashion and a range of web 2.0 applications. In addition our highly skilled consulting team has successfully completed many engagements within the Finance and Telecommunications sectors.

Thanks to the combination of our technical expertise and high quality team, we are able to undertake cutting edge projects while offering clients a degree of affordability and trust that cannot be found easily.

our approach

Our approach enables you to achieve your goals quickly, focus on your business rather than the technology, and gives you the flexibility to scale up or down the level of our engagement in your project.

Fast – We use agile development methodologies and new frameworks and languages. What this means in layman’s terms is that we can very quickly turn an idea into a first concept before rapidly rolling out more changes and features as you further refine and develop your idea. The advantage of this approach is that you can make changes quickly based on customer feedback and analysis of the data that you gather. It is often the case that the idea that you have at the start can differ greatly from what you finally end up with – our approach will help you get there quickly while allowing you to out manoeuvre your competitors.

Focus on Customers – You know your business; you have the domain-specific knowledge and you know what needs to be done in order to meet their needs.

We know technology; we know how to quickly give you what you need. Together we complement each other perfectly.

Flexible Approach – We can rapidly scale up or down our level of engagement in your project because of the way our team is setup. If your project is taking off fast and you need more capacity, we can provide it while removing all the headaches of managing a large team.

Trust – From day one you will own all the intellectual property and we will give you or anyone you delegate the source code and complete access. We will never setup a company to compete with you or take your customers, your business is not our core business, nor is this in our best interests for long term business success. Instead we focus on our core values of honesty, quality and perfection.

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